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Feng Shui - House Astrology
Stars vs. Planets
YOU want it NOW and the Cycles of Time

The best way to describe House Astrology
is through its similarity to "Heavenly" Astrology

Your home and its influence on you, follow the exact same principles of Western (which I am explaining below), Chinese, or Vedic Astrology, where accurate predictions are determined by your personalized NATAL CHART and where the STARS are located in the heavens at any moment in time.

(More depth? Enjoy: Chinese Feng Shui, Flying Stars, & Yearly & Monthly Energies)

"Heavenly" Astrology

REAL astrology is very complex and can accurately describe your unique personality and identify your current life circumstances.

You know that astrology has a different influence every day, even if you merely peak at "bastardized newspaper horoscopes."

Extremely simplified, there are two aspects of astrology:

1. NATAL CHART:        the juxtaposition of the "stars" or planets
                                   at the time and location of your birth

2. The "STARS"          or planetary movement (at any given time) and
                                    its influence on your Natal Chart.

    Western simplified:    there are 9 planets, that move through
                                    365 heavenly locations, and
                                    thousands of related juxtapositions

The STARS are always moving and changing their
influence on your NATAL CHART, better known as YOU

House Astrology (better known as the Feng Shui Flying Stars) influences you exactly the same way as "Heavenly" Astrology.

House Astrology is based upon mathematical formulas derived from consistent patterns of nature (and, it's described by Chinese cosmology "Heaven Energy").

House Astrology applies the same two aspects:

NATAL CHART and The Stars

...and I think House Astrology is better!

or Personal Success Map is your customized and complete Bagua Map 
that you use to Feng Shui/Interior Design your home with. 

There is not ONE Bagua Map generic to everyone.
In REAL Feng Shui, there are over 2000 Bagua Maps
and only ONE Bagua Map is customized to YOU and YOUR Home.

  • Your Natal Chart is determined by your move-in date:
   the birth of your relationship with your home

     • Your Natal Chart includes this information:
          • Your Personal Directions
          • "House Astrology" energies: determined by facing direction & move in date
          • Life Aspirations (the "baby bagua map")

2. The "STARS:"  are always moving around your home
                                and changing their influence
                                on your home's NATAL CHART and YOU!

There are three (sets of) stars that are always moving and cycling within each other. There are 365 Daily cycles, within 12 Monthly cycles, within each Yearly cycle...all influencing your NATAL Feng Shui and YOU!

Just like astrology, the more concentrated the time period,
the more you will experience its influence according to
its inter-relationship with all cycles

...and you can change it!

This is what I speak of as
Priceless, Feng Shui Forecasting

In other words:

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Each Day YOU will be influenced by the Daily cycles, influenced
by the Monthly & Yearly cycles combined with
how you Feng Shui-ed your home with your NATAL Chart
Each Month YOU will be influenced by the Monthly cycles,
influenced by the Yearly cycle combined with how
you Feng Shui-ed your home with your NATAL Chart
Each Year YOU will be influenced by the Yearly cycle
combined with how you Feng Shui-ed
your home with your NATAL Chart


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"House Astrology"

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House Astrology

House Astrology

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