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Click facing-direction of your front door BELOW
to discover which energy you are carrying in
and throughout your home TODAY!










Go outside your front door, with back to the door,
your Facing Direction is direction your eyes are looking.

This is the energy at your front door!
What about DAILY Energies for each room?

Discover NEW Feng Shui, Flying Star Energy every DAY

"House Astrology" & REAL Feng Shui Mastery combines
Yearly, Monthly & Daily Success Maps
with Natal Bagua Map for Good, Better, BEST Feng Shui

What good/bad Daily Energies are in each room for:

Wealth & Success in your OFFICE

Monday may have Great Energy, so you’ll have excellent opportunity to “go for it"

Tuesday may have Arguing Energy, which indicates it is a good day to work on projects that don’t involve others

Wednesday may have Bankruptcy Energy, so it wouldn’t be the day to ask for a raise, it would be better to wait until

Thursday when Bright Future Energy flies in!

Love & Health in the Bedroom

Monday may have Great Energy, so it would be a good day to spend extra time with your loved one.

Tuesday may have Arguing Energy, which indicates it is a good “yes dear” day,

Wednesday may have Sickness Energy, so it be better to save your strength and wait until

when Vitality Energy flies in to start your new exercise program!

Print a full-size
(8 1/2 x 11) sample

30 (a month full)
Daily Success M



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REAL Feng Shui Masters
combine Yearly, Monthly & Daily energies
with your NATAL Bagua Map

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Here's an article on Monthly & Yearly Energies
Daily Energies change exactly the same way. Enjoy!

FREE Feng Shui Results FREE Limited Time
Custom Success Maps

Every DAY, there are
9 Daily Energies
influence each room
of your home,
some GOOD, some BAD.

Entire personalized
Daily Success Maps

Provide insight into
how every room
in your home is going
to effect your day

Benefit by knowing:

• Which energy is coming in through the door you use most often

• Which rooms to spend time in to benefit with Success Energy or Stay out?

• The right color to wear to absorb the good energies or repel the bad ones!