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Complimentary Charts: Improve YOUR Daily & Monthly House Astrology

Click facing-direction of your front door BELOW
to discover which energy you are carrying in
and throughout your home all YEAR!!










Go outside your front door, with back to the door,
your Facing Direction is direction your eyes are looking.

This is the energy at your front door!
What about YEARLY Energies for each room?

Discover NEW Feng Shui, Flying Star Energy every YEAR

"House Astrology" & REAL Feng Shui Mastery combines
Yearly, Monthly & Daily Success Maps
with Natal Bagua Map for Good, Better, BEST Feng Shui

What good/bad Yearly Energies are in each room to:

Deepen LOVE in your Bedroom
Graciousness & Ease or
Reduce Arguing & Bickering?  

what are good sheet colors for this year?
would it be best for bed to face another direction?

Increase WEALTH in your Office
Enhance Great Success and Opportunity or
Reduce Severed Fate and Bankruptcy?  

should you move a few desk accessories?
would it be best for desk to face another direction?

Improve HEALTH in your Kitchen
Enhance Family Harmony & Health or
Reduce Pain & Sickness?

what are good colors for dish cloths?
would a silver toaster be better than black?
should you sit in a different chair to eat?

Print a full-size
(8 1/2 x 11) sample


Yearly Success M

Feng Shui Course

REAL Feng Shui Masters
combine Yearly, Monthly & Daily energies
with your NATAL Bagua Map

You can too! Learn Priceless Forecasting in
lesson #9 of the Home Study, Feng Shui Course

Article on Yearly Energies with Jami's compliments. Enjoy!

FREE Feng Shui Results FREE Limited Time
Custom Success Maps

Every YEAR, there are
9 YEARLY Energies
influence each room
of your home,
some GOOD, some BAD.

Entire personalized
Success Map

Tells you where to move a few table-top accessories to enhance good
Yearly Energies and
to reduce bad energies!